What is ECTN Certificate and Why is it Important?

The ECTN certificate in India, otherwise called waiver record, permits Marine Custom Authorities to access data about exporter/merchant, delivering course and strategies, type and worth of the transfer, the worth of cargo as well as the insights concerning the product being transported in their separate nations. The Electronic Cargo Tracking Note (briefly known as ECTN) is a maritime declaration or waiver that is obligatory to transport to most nations of the landmass of Africa.

The main purpose of the document however is to track the cargo. It gives the authorities information about whatever is coming into the port so that it gives them a complete and detailed report of the imports and exports. It also helps prevent the smuggling of unauthorized items into any country thereby putting a check on the cargo movement between ports.

What is ECTN Certificate and Why is it Important

 It is essential to prepare the ECTN Certificate in accordance with the original bill of lading. In the event of failing to present this waiver, or presenting some unacceptable one could prompt extreme fines. Throughout the years there has been a redesign in the ECTN frameworks and handling applications change starting with one framework and then onto the next. There is one thing all stages share for all intents and purposes, it is that every one of the applications is made available on the web.

The transporter or the assigned delegate should upload the records to the particular frameworks and fill in the form. When the information about the shipment is precisely placed, the request to approve the application can be made through submit button. With the help of all essential reports in accordance with details entered in the form, the officials will approve. All nations acknowledge a computerized type of certificate, besides Angola, which requires a marked and signed printed version. In the absence of a valid ECTN number for any shipment, it may face serious consequences and as a result, it will not be unloaded at the destination port till the time a valid ECTN number is issued.

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