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offers an entire package of value services along with numerous certificates such as BESC/CTN/ECTN/CNCA/BIETC/FERI/CEE/BSC. Rest assured of the best service and finest expertise and professionalism. We are glad to state that our professional team is always there for any kind of genuine advice, certificate procurement along with any information for regulations for 24 Councils of African Shippers.

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  • Wide range of African Countries. Certificate for 24 Countries under one umbrella
  • Our main service is providing the ECTN certificate
  • Highly experienced and dedicated team in the field of ECTN
  • JIT Service, Provide tailored and personalized solutions
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ECTN certificate ECTN certificate ECTN certificate ECTN certificate ECTN certificate


Electronic Cargo Tracking Note (ECTN) is required by over 24 countries in West and Central Africa.Although the procedure and duration of obtaining ECTN vary, the importance of the certificate is even across all countries.

It contains information such as:-

  • Nature and commercial value of cargo.
  • Parties involved in international trade.
  • Cargo movement between the ports

An ECTN certificate should be prepared as per original bill of lading. A shipper is responsible for obtaining the ECTN certificate. All shipments that do not have a valid ECTN number, cannot be unloaded at the port of destination until a valid ECTN number is issued.

Why ECTN is important ?

  • ECTN aim is to reduce risk, indulge in real-time monitoring as well as get any kind of reliable assessments of import goods, shippers, etc
  • Many Countries in the African continent require exporters to notify Custom Authorities about the shipment details before they arrive and the Cargo Tracking Note system facilitates this requirement.
  • The ECTN certificate or the waiver document, gives access to Marine Custom Authorities for all kinds of information about exporter/importer,consignment value, shipping route, freight value along with the details about all kinds of commodities which will be carried in respective countries.
  • It is quite important for exporters to submit the document before the cargo arrives at the port.
  • The loading document provides security assurance and allows customs authorities to trace the shipment before it arrives at the port of discharge.
  • Shipping or arrival without ECTN certificate may result in high fines at the destination port, may cause delay resulting Detention and Demurrage
  • Also, through the system, each destination country can maintain statistical data for future logistical monitoring.


  • Bill of Lading – A draft copy can be used for the draft certificate.
  • Commercial Invoice
  • Freight Invoice – It is necessary if the freight cost isn’t on the commercial invoice.
  • Export Customs Declaration – Details have to be same across all documents if it is not cross-trade
  • Packing List – Details have to be the same as the Commercial Invoice