Country - Gambia

Role - ECTN Certificate Agent Gambia / ECTN Agent for Gambia / ECTN Gambia / CTN Gambia / , ECTN Certificate Agent Banjul / ECTN Agent for Banjul / ECTN Banjul / CTN Banjul

Ameo India Logistics All sea shipments to The Gambia (Also including those ones in transit) will require a CTN Certificate starting from  May 15, 2023. The new rule applies to all kind of goods that are exported to The Gambia by Sea.

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Ports -

  • Banjul

Documents And Information Required

  • Bill of Lading
  • Commercial invoice
  • Freight Invoice
  • Export Declaration


  • Submit the required documents by email.
  • You will be sent AMEO invoice, within the same day.
  • Once your payment has been received, you will get the ECTN draft certificate.
  • Once you approve the draft, the final certificate will be issued.
  • Liberia ECTN number comes with final certificate only.

Important Information:

CTN must be validated 5 days before the vessel arrives at Gambia. Penalties involved if CTN is not validated within deadline.