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ARCCLA/ CNCA document is a must-have for any shipment which moves towards Angola. This requirement was laid upon by Angola Customs Officials back in the year 1994. But it needs to be taken care of as it is such an important document which in case unissued, it may become a big problem for the importer and lead to serious consequences. It is a requirement for every port in Angola and every shipment that enters that border has to get the certificate.

What is ARCCLA/ CNCA - Angola?

Which are some of the essential documents that are required for Angola ARCCLA/CNCA?

The following documents listed under are required to issue a CNCA certificate:
  • Scanned copy of Bill of lading
  • Scanned copy of Commercial invoice
  • Freight invoice
  • Application form
  • Import License (D.U. – Documento Unico) – Take care of the DU's expiry date which is generally 60 days from the date of DU issuance.
These are the must-have documents that are needed for issuing a ARCCLA/CNCA certificate. All these documents should be scanned and sent only via email. In case you need a CNCA Angola Agent in India, you have come to the right place. Ameo India Logistics is the name you can bank on.
This ARCCLA certificate provides customs authorities with the required information which will help in monitoring and managing the shipments right from the loading port to the discharge port at Angola. It even contains details about shipments and sizes before they arrive. There is information about the exporter, importer, the goods in transport, the vessel name, etc.

The shipper will provide the ARCCLA Certificate for Angola in India.

How you can avail of an Angola CNCA OR ARCCLA certificate in India?

Since as per the norms of the Angola Customs regulations, all cargos to Angola must be accompanied by a CNCA/ ARCCLA certificate, one cannot undermine the essence and relevance of this document. Even in the case when shipments have arrived without a CNCA Certificate or with some kind of false information written on the CNCA, the fine that is required to be paid which is determined by the Angola National Port Officials is quite a heavy one.

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