FERI Certificate- Democratic Republic of Congo

FERI, also known as Fiche Electronique Renseignement a L’Importation, implying Electronic Cargo Tracking Note or ECTN in English. It is a certificate that allows systems to track, organize and take care of all the cargo from loading to delivery. It even offers information about the shipment before it arrives at the destination. It consists of details about the exporter, the importer, goods transported with their pricing, the freight cost, the vessel name, etc. So, it is a document that helps save a lot of effort and time at the destination. It is quite essential for Matadi, Boma, Banana, or any other port and is also known as CTN and BSC. For all your needs related to FERI Certificate, Ameo India Logistics is the name you can bank on.

FERI Certificate- Democratic Republic of Congo

In case of a failure to present the FERI document, one can face severe consequences and a hefty fine.

FERI is required for both Sea and Air shipments

List of Important Documents & Procedure –

As per law, every cargo bought from abroad and transported for commercial uses requires a Loading FERI Certificate. It is essential to get the FERI waiver certificate from the authorized representative.
Bill of Lading
Commercial Invoice
Freight Invoice ( If freight is not included in commercial invoice)
FXI Number: It is available with Consignee
Packing list
Shipping bill copy
Certificate of origin

Consequences of Certificate Unavailability

It is mandatory to validate the FERI certificate after the next five days of vessel arrival. Not applying for it in advance will be deemed as violating the transport laws of Democratic Congo. In the event of unavailability, the cargo will not be issued an entry clearance and will be sent to the source station. Along with it, there is an added penalty as well as the cost of the FERI certificate. There are also additional demurrage charges every single day which need to be paid till you have the document. In other words, shipments coming without FERI or with incorrect information on the FERI gets will be charged double the certificate cost along with the regulation changes.
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Using the FERI of Democratic Congo

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