BESC Certificate for Benin Document Requirements

BESC Certificate for BENIN is a compulsory document required for all ports in Benin. Many exporters from India regularly get the BESC Certificate for Benin from Ameo India Logistics. We are ready to support exporters anytime and are the best BESC Certificate agent in India.

BESC, also known as CTN and BSC is needed for Cotonou or any other port. It was fixed as a regulation in 2006 by the Benin Customs Officials. In case of failure to present the BESC document, there would be grave consequences along with a hefty fine.


As per this law, each freight that has been bought from abroad and shipped for business, at times diplomatic and individual purposes need a Loading Certificate called BESC. The transporter or the cargo forwarder is answerable for securing the BESC waiver declaration from the approved representative.


Draft copy of Bill of Lading
Commercial Invoice
Freight Invoice
Export Customs
Packing List


The BESC cerificate should be approved by delegated specialist at the source country before the vessel is released in Benin.

Shipments which show up without BESC or with wrong data on the BESC gets heavily charged decided by the Benin Public Port Authorities.

We have seeked affirmation from the Beninese specialists that for vehicles inside holders, the freight type ought to be "container".

This goes for vehicles inside compartments, so where the holder number is obviously referenced on the reports.

Kindly make a point to add the chassis number of the vehicles in the goods description field for this sort of cases.