BESC Certificate Agent in India for Cameroon

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 BESC Certificate Agent in India for Cameroon

All shipments to Cameroon must have a BESC as part of the loading documentation. For Douala, Kribi, Limbe, or any other port, it is necessary. It also goes by the names CTN and BSC. The Cameroon Customs Officials established it as a rule in 2006. Serious repercussions and a hefty fee will result from failing to produce the BESC paperwork. Ameo is the best BESC Certificate agent in India that offers value-for-money services.

Bill of Lading - A draught version may be utilized.
Business Invoice
If the freight cost is not included on the commercial invoice, a freight invoice is required.
Import Declaration: This must be provided by the importer. The importer's PR number and Taxpayer's ID are sufficient to move further.
All shipments to Cameroon are required to include a BESC certificate, per Cameroon Customs requirements.
At the latest five days before to the vessel's arrival, the BESC certificate must be verified.
Shipments that arrive without a BESC or with a BESC that contains incorrect information will be charged twice as much for the certificate as well as an additional fee set by the national port officials of Cameroon.

The number of Bills of Lading and containers, the nation of origin, the port of discharge, etc. all affects how much a certificate costs. Because of this, we are unable to provide you with an accurate CTN price. However, we can give you the most affordable prices for your certificate if you share the specifics of your shipment with us. Rest assured to get the bets from the top BESC Certificate Provider India.