Which Documents are Required for ECTN for Burkina-Faso?

ECTN is one of the priority reports while sending out to Burkina Faso. It will save you a ton of exertion, cash and time at the final port. Allow me to make sense of what ECTN precisely is, then I will discuss the outcomes of not having it.

ECTN, (Electronic Cargo Tracking Note) is a compulsory record. The port specialists will request this report once your freight is at the final port. It was made compulsory, on the grounds that it permits the specialists to recognize, control, track and gauge the traffic of imported products.

Which Documents are Required for ECTN for Burkina-Faso?

Having an ECTN number on the Bill of Lading isn't required except if your delivery line especially requests it. However, not having an ECTN  Certificate For Burkina-Faso,  could bring about postponements and stoppages in the last destination port.

You should simply email the soft copy of the important reports. From that point onward, a draft of the ECTN report will be introduced to you, so you can check if there is any part you need to get changed. You'll be shared the approved ECTN in 1-2 working days.

Needed Documents

Scanned Copy of Bill of Lading

Scanned Copy of Commercial Invoice (Scanned Copy)

Freight Invoice (If the Commercial Invoice doesn’t include the Freight Value)

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