Dakar Senegal ECTN : Rs 4,000 / Pack Get Latest Price

Product Brochure : download
Service Mode : Online
Payment Mode : Online/Offline
Service Duration : 1 To 3 Days
Service Location : India Ports

Ports :-

Documents and Informations required

  • Bill of Lading (Final B/L for validation)
  • Commercial invoice: currency must be mentioned in $ or €
  • Freight invoice in the same currency (not needed in case the freight charges are mentioned on the commercial invoice)
  • GUOT (Guichet Unique des Opérations Transfrontaliers) document / provided by importer
  • Export document
  • Phone number and email address of consignee
  • ETS & ETA
  • H.S. code

Additional Info:

A pre-validated BSC document must be completed and validated within 5 working days. Otherwise, the BSC document will be void. All costs charged to the applicant.
Once the draft BSC has been approved, we can submit it for pre-validation in order to obtain the BSC number.
This BSC number can be transmitted to the shipping company in order to obtain the required BL number.
For the validation of the BSC document, we need the final bill of lading Once validation of the BSC is obtained, the applicant will communicate the BSC number as quickly as possible to the importer.
Please Note: The finalization of the validated BSC must be done by the importer in Senegal through the ORBUS system.
Submit the required documents by email or online.
You will be sent a draft and Performa invoice, Once your payment has been received and you approve have the draft, validated certificate will be sent.
The importer is solely responsible for intering the BSC number into the ORBUS system (portal available to importers) as to complete formalities at destination.
The BSC document must be validated 5 days before the vessels arrival.
The process can typically be done within 24H after receipt of payment.
Validation is carried out automatically with the receipt of the ORBUS number
Bordereau de Suivi des Cargaisons The Republic of Senegal is a country located in West Africa. It is bordered in the North by MAURITANIA in the East by MALI and in the South by GUINEA BISSAU and GUINEA CONAKRY. In 2008, the Senegalese Shipper’s Council established the requirement that all cargo imported into the country will require a Cargo Tracking Note (CTN).Some shipping lines may not load cargo without the CTN number.Cargo arriving without a Cargo Tracking Note may be subject of fines and delays.