Burkina Faso ECTN Certificate : Rs 4,000 / Pack Get Latest Price

Product Brochure : download
Service Mode : Online
Payment Mode : Online/Offline
Service Duration : 1 To 3 Days
Service Location : India Ports

Ports :-

Documents and Informations required

  • Bill of Lading (Draft B/L is allowed)
  • Commercial invoice / currency must be mentioned in USD or EURO
  • Freight invoice in the same currency (not needed in case the freight charges are mentioned on the commercial invoice)
  • Phone number and email address of consignee
  • ETS & ETA
  • Trans-shipment information from trans-shipment port
  • H.S. code

Additional Info:

For Burkina Faso it is not mandatory to mention the ECTN number on the Master Bill of Lading.
Besides this, we are able to provide the ECTN number beforehand, even when the documentation is incomplete.
URN = Unique Registration Number, identifies the valid ECTN certificate.

Submit the required documents by email or online.
You will be sent a draft and an invoice, typically within the same day.
Once your payment has been received and you approve the draft, a validation will be sent.

The CTN must be validated before the vessel arrives at the destination. No regularization at destination port.
Since the CTN is validated by the authorities in the destination country, the process from submitting a request to final validation can take 2-3 days.

ECTN (Electronic Cargo Tracking Note)
Burkina Faso is a landlocked country in West Africa and is surrounded by six countries: MALI in the North West, NIGER in the North East, in the South East by BENIN and TOGO, GHANA in the South and IVORY COAST in the South West According to the decree issued by the Burkina Faso Custom regulators all shipments with a final destination of Burkina Faso, except air cargo, must accompany e-CTN with a valid URN number.
Since Burkina Faso is a landlocked country, most of the sea cargo transporter via Ivory Coast, Ghana, Togo or Benin.
In this case, you also need to check the certificate procedure for the transit country