ECTN Certificate for Libya - Which Documents And Information Required?

ECTN is a compulsory stacking record for all shipments to Libya. It is otherwise called BSC. It was made a regulatory guideline in 2015 by the Libya Customs Authorities.

It is a necessity for Benghazi, Tripoli or some other port. Neglecting to introduce the ECTN certificate for Libya will prompt extreme outcomes and a strong fine.

The Libyan Traditions Authority declares that all items dumped in Libyan ports require the extraction of ECTN report. And that is exactly where Ameo India Logistics can help you.

About ECTN Certificate

Shippers should get an ECTN from an approved specialist to dump any freight at Libyan;
The ECTN record should be taken from the port of loading;
The merchandise without an ECTN won't be stacked onto the vessel;
The ECTN should be composed on the bill of lading;
Shipments without ECTN records are restricted from entering Libya.

Documents Needed
Bill of Lading
Business Receipt (Business receipt should be ensured by the Office of Trade by exporter)
Cargo Receipt: It is fundamental in the event that the cargo cost isn't on the business receipt.
Export Customs Statement
Certificate of Origin
Code of the Libyan Organizations (ID numbers or business regisration number of the Libyan Organizations)

What amount of time does it require to get approval?

When you give every one of the necessary records, a draft of the ECTN certificate will be imparted to you. Then, we want your affirmation on the draft and payment. Subsequently, the certificate will be submitted for the confirmation of Libyan specialists. As there are various prerequisites contrasted with different nations and the travel time frame to Libya is more limited, ECTN applications ought to be finished quickly.