ECTN Certificate Burundi - The Mandatory Documents for Shipments

ECTN is a compulsory stacking report for all shipments to Burundi. It is otherwise called BSC. It was entirely settled as a guideline by the Burundi Customs Authorities. Neglecting to introduce the ECTN record will prompt extreme outcomes and a heavy fine.

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As per this regulation, each freight that has been bought from abroad and moved for business, at times for political and individual purposes requires a Stacking Declaration called ECTN - Electronic Freight Following Note.

The transporter or the cargo forwarder is liable for obtaining the ECTN waiver declaration from the approved agent.

Documents needed –

Bill of Lading - A draft duplicate can be utilized for the draft.

Business Receipt

Cargo Receipt - It is essential on the off chance that the cargo cost isn't on the business receipt.

Declaration of export custom - Details must be something very similar across all reports in the event that it isn't cross-exchange.

Every one of the records' documents should be something similar to get an approved copy of the declaration. If not, the certificate will be dismissed after pre-approval, and you will be approached to amend records to get the declaration.

It is to be noted that evert ECTN is unique and is kept reserved for just one shipment. As there are no ECTN requisites for Tanzania and Kenya, you just need a single ECTN. In the event of exceptional cases relating to carrying goods through Western Africa, it is suggested to follow the Democratic Republic of Congo FERI procedure.

In just 5 days after receiving the ECTN, it is required to send the original B.L. marked with place and issue date along with board date mentioned, duly signed and stamped.

Or else, the system can automatically cancel the certificate which will lead to a penalty fee in order to recover the certificate
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