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For all shipments to Senegal, BSC/CTN is a very important loading document. It was set as a regulation by the Senegal Customs Officials in 2008. in the event of failure to present a CTN document, there would be a hefty fine.

As per this law, every cargo bought from abroad and transported for business use needs a Loading Certificate called CTN/BSC – Bordereau de Suivi des Cargaisons. It allows authorities to track, and manage the cargo from the time of loading to discharge. It has details about the exporter, importer, transported goods and their value, freight cost, shipment type, etc.

CTN Required for Senegal

The shipper should possess the BSC waiver certificate from the certified representative. All costs related to non-compliance of the CTN procedure will be charged to the shipper’s account. Ameo India Logistics is the largest CTN Certificate Provider India.

Documents Required -
Bill of Lading
Commercial Invoice
Freight Invoice
Export document/shipping bill
Senegal is quite flexible when it comes to the documents needed. It does not ask for too many documents for BSC waiver.


As per Senegal Customs regulations, all cargoes to Senegal should be supported with a BSC certificate which has to be validated five days before the vessel's arrival date at the port. And in case the cargo arrives without any BSC, the fine would be twice the amount of the BSC cost along with the regulation fee fixed by the Senegal National Port Officials.

The CTN process does not apply to cargo in transit/ transhipped at Senegal.  For ‘in transit’ cargo it is mandatory to mention “Container in transit for xxx”. If it is not complied with are chances that Senegalese customs authority may block the cargo as it would be deemed as local Senegalese cargo.


Certificate cost is based on the number of Bill of Lading and containers, the origin country, the port of discharge, etc. Get the best quotes from the biggest CTN Certificate Agent in India and enjoy the hassle-free process.

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