BIETC Certificate Gabon- The Mandatory Certificate for Shipments

BIETC, (Bordereau d’Identification Électronique de Traçabilité des Cargaisons) is one of the most essential documents when shipment is made to Gabon. It will help you to save a lot of effort, money, and time at the destination port. This certificate is necessary for all ports in Gabon such as Libreville, Port of Gentil, etc. As it is a mandatory document, the port authorities will enquire about it once your cargo is at the destination.

It was mainly made compulsory because it allows the authorities to acknowledge, monitor, and estimate the traffic of imported goods. It has various names such as BIETC, BESC, BSC, and CTN. These are all the same documents. The name difference is depending on the countries they are issued for. For all your needs related to BIETC Certificate, Ameo India Logistics is the name you can completely trust.

BIETC Certificate Gabon- The Mandatory Certificate for Shipments

Consequences of Unavailability of BIETC Certificate

Authorities are quite serious about furnishing this certificate and there are some severe consequences of the unavailability of this certificate. In case you are exporting to Gabon, you have a timeline of 5-15 days after the departure is done so as to get the BIETC depending on the loading port. First and foremost, there is a fine in case you cannot provide the document. Secondly, your cargo won’t be cleared which would, in turn, lead to a delay. And on top of all that, you will be paying demurrage charges every single day till the time you have possession of the document. These reasons make it very clear why this certificate needs to be made available.
Procedure to obtain a BIETC

In case you want to get one, there are some well know BIETC Certificate agent in India; the best among them is Ameo India Logistics.
The entire process is quite simple and hassle-free. All you need to do is that you simply have to email the soft copies of the necessary documents, post which a draft of the BIETC document will be presented to you, so you can cross-check if there is any part that you want to be revised. Once the draft gets approval, the validated BIETC will be shared with you in 1-2 working days.
Necessary Documents Required for Obtaining the Certificate
  • Bill of Lading (Scanned Copy)
  • Commercial Invoice (Scanned Copy)
  • Freight Invoice (In case the Commercial Invoice is excluding the Freight Value)
  • Scanned Copy of Export Customs Declaration
  • Packing list
  • Certificate of origin
If you have all these required documents, you can send the copies via email to get your certificate validated as soon as possible.

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